Children are introduced to gambling
every day in the United States.

As they scratch off their first lottery tickets and bet on their first card games, they aren’t being taught that the fun activity can become addicting and destructive to their health and happiness.

Teach your kids about problem gambling. Tell them about the risks of gambling at a young age, the consequences of addiction and how they can prevent themselves from facing their own problems.

Keep your kids gambling-free with our educational resources. With your help, we can make sure they Don’t Bet Yet.

  • 2M (1%) of U.S. adults are
    estimated to meet
    criteria for disordered
    gambling in a given
    year. Another
    4-6M (2-3%) are considered
    problem gamblers.

    - National Council
    on Problem Gambling

  • Of US residents age 14-21 approximately 2.1% currently struggle with problem gambling. Another 6.5% are at-risk for developing a gambling problem.

    - Springer Science+Business Media, LLC 2007

  • The Rate of Problem
    Gambling among high school students is Twice that of adults.

    - University of Connecticut
    Health Center, 2005

  • Someone gambling by
    age 12 will be
    4 Times more likely to develop a gambling addiction and a lifetime of problems.

    - access washington

To find immediate help for problem gambling at any time, call the NYS HOPEline: